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Tenacious Eats is…

Unexpected! Visceral! Titillating! Brought to you in High Definition Taste-O-Vision! (Special glasses, not required)

By integrating film and food, Movies for Foodies creates an original experience, a feast for the senses, an event that brings food and film, chefs and diners together.

Former Scottish Arms chef Liz Schuster is launching a new interactive dining venture, Tenacious Eats, which she says combines the “two art forms that I love:” food and film.
The venture’s tagline describes the experience Tenacious Eats will be delivering as “full contact dining” and emphasizes that it is “not dinner theater.”

“We’re cooking around you in a theater,” Schuster says, adding that the experience offers the smell, sound and taste of fine dining along with wine, cocktail and beer pairings.

“We only work with locally produced food procured by us and hard-to-find ingredients, imported from places that specialize in them. With each new film, we write a new menu specific to its story. Sometimes the menu is literal and sometimes it is inspired interpretation. In all cases, each dining experience is different because each film is different.”